Aquamarine is The Perfect Accent to Spring & Summer Wardrobes

It’s the perfect time to buy a piece of aquamarine jewelry because it's the birthstone of March! Did you know aquamarine comes from the same family as emerald? They are both a variety of beryl and the only difference between the two is the color. They both have a hardness of 8 which makes them a durable gem. Aquamarine is the perfect color for spring and summer and reminds us of a tropical island destination!

The meaning of Aquamarine is a reflection of a calm sea. The gemstone symbolizes healing and relaxation, and many believe aquamarine has meditative powers and can bring about harmony. Not only the birthstone of March, Aquamarine is also given as a present on the 19th wedding anniversary. Whether you’re born in March or just admire the beautiful ocean blue hue, we have several unique aquamarine pieces you’re sure to love. 

One of our favorite aquamarine pieces is the remarkable Aqua Sliced Diamond Necklace. This statement necklace is 14k yellow gold set with sliced aquamarine and surrounded by round diamonds. It is extremely versatile and can be worn with a sundress or a more formal outfit in the evening. 

Another favorite aquamarine necklace of ours is the Aqua Diamond Sapphire Pendant. This necklace features an emerald cut Aquamarine joined by diamonds and French cut sapphires to make a stunning piece. 

If you want the perfect aquamarine pair, wear the pendant necklace with our Aqua Diamond Sapphire Ring.

Last but not least is the magnificent Lillie ring. This unique vintage ring is handcrafted in 18k white gold, and features a show-stopping 6ct radiant cut Aquamarine, surrounded by single cut diamonds. It truly is vintage glamour. 

6ct Radiant Cut Aquamarine Ring

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