Art Deco Inspiration in Downtown L.A.

While there were no Great Gatsby-esque New Years Eve parties this year as we entered 2021, you can still imagine going out in the daring time period of the 1920’s with Art Deco jewelry from SN Queens Jewelers. 

Modern skyscrapers take over most of the Downtown Los Angeles' skyline, but among those skyscrapers are memories of the past. Art Deco buildings that first started to appear in the 1920’s still remain in DTLA and are renowned architectural masterpieces. 

Vintage Jewelry Inspired by Art Deco Architecture, Downtown LA

Our jewelry is heavily influenced by these historical buildings, from the 1930 Eastern Columbia building, to the 1927 Ace Theater. After World War I, women felt liberated and this showed in shorter, daring hairstyles, flapper fashion, and of course jewelry. Art Deco jewelry is graphic, linear, and geometric; just like the buildings from that era. Not only do we have original pieces designed with inspiration from these Downtown L.A. buildings, but we have many vintage pieces from the Art Deco period as well. 

Platinum was heavily used, along with diamonds and colored stones, like sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Take a look at our wide selection of Art Deco jewelry pieces and transport yourself back to the roaring 20’s.

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