How To Clean Your Fine Jewelry

Everyone wants their jewelry to look its best, but after time metals and diamonds start to look dull and lose their shine. Instead of choosing not to wear your favorite pieces, follow along to learn some easy ways to get your jewelry back to shining bright. Different types of jewelry require similar, but not exact cleaning, so we’ve made an easy guide for every type of jewelry you own.  

Vintage Jewelry Cleaning Tips

1. Cleaning Diamond Jewelry 

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone in the world because of their mesmerizing sparkle. Let’s maintain that bling by either getting a professional cleaning, or maintaining the shine with an at-home cleaning in between professional visits. Surprisingly the best diamond cleaner is good ol’ fashioned dish soap, and the other supplies you will most likely already have at home. Soak your ring for about 30 minutes, and gently brush the stone with a soft toothbrush, since under warm water, and dry with a cotton towel. This process can be repeated if necessary. 

2. Cleaning Gemstones

Just like diamonds, gemstones do well with warm water, mild soap and a very soft toothbrush. Although, you might be able to soak them for less time- about 10 minutes. 

3. Polishing Gold Jewelry

Luckily, white, rose and yellow gold jewelry all have the same steps to bring them back to life. If your gold jewelry has started to tarnish, you can remove this tarnish with a bit of detergent in warm (not hot) water, and then add a few drops of ammonia. Then carefully brush with a soft toothbrush and place in lukewarm water to rinse. Dry with a paper towel or cotton cloth. 

4. Polishing Platinum Jewelry 

Due to its strength, platinum is tarnish resistant, but it could still use a good polish. Use lukewarm water, mild dish soap, and gently polish your platinum with a chamois cloth. While platinum doesn’t often develop tarnish, it can be scratched from polishing if you aren’t gentle. 

5. Pearls 

Pearl cleansing differs from other jewelry as it doesn’t require water. Just use a chamois cloth to gently polish. If your pearls are heavily soiled, you may dampen the cloth, but only if necessary. 

Cleaning your jewelry after they get dirty is only part of proper jewelry care. Applying perfumes and hair sprays before putting on your jewelry helps keep them bright. A great habit is to clean your jewelry once a month, with an occasional professional cleaning to keep your SN Queens Jewelry looking like new. If you need helpful tips, or want to make an appointment to have your vintage jewelry cleaned, don't hesitate to reach out.

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