How to Pick an Engagement Ring

Congratulations! You fell in love and want to spend forever together, but don’t stress! We’re here to help you pick out the perfect engagement ring. Getting ready for a proposal is an exciting and romantic time, but buying a ring is a big purchase and you’ll want to make sure you do it right. Whether you’re shopping alone or with your significant other, our extensive guide will help you get organized so you can find the perfect engagement ring to pop the question with. 

Engagement Ring Shopping - Downtown Los Angeles

Here’s a list of things to ask yourself and to before buying an engagement ring:

  1. What jewelry style do you like? Vintage, modern, classic--if you can name it, we have it. Figuring out what style you like will ensure you love it for years to come. And if you own other jewelry, you’ll always match if you pick a style similar to what you already wear. 
  1. Come up with a budget. Planning ahead and calculating what you’re comfortable spending is good information to have before you head to the store. The old rules of only spending three months’ salary is just that--old news. Nowadays, ring shoppers spend as much as they’re comfortable with. Have a price range in mind of what you want to spend, so you can narrow down the selection to be less overwhelming. 
  1. Figure out what metal you like. There are white, yellow and rose gold metals that can have any shape diamond you’d like set on them. The metal can match the jewelry you already wear but it doesn’t have to! White is very classic, but gold and rose have gained popular momentum over recent years. 
  1. Pick your diamond shape. The type of diamond shape you choose should speak to your individual style. There are so many different options, but here is an overview of the most popular shapes: 

* Round- the most popular shape, and best highlights a diamond’s brilliance

* Princess cut- the most popular fancy shape diamond, princess cut diamonds are square modified with pointed corners and can appear square or rectangular

* Oval- Tan elegant combination of the round brilliant cut and marquise diamond. 

* Emerald- sought after for their understated glamour, emerald cut diamonds are octagonal step cut with parallel rectangular facets.

* Cushion- Square or rectangular cut diamond with rounded edges, cushion cut diamonds are a spin on the classic round brilliant. 

* Marquise- An elongated style with tapered points at both ends, basically an oval with pointed ends, which maximizes carat size.


  • It was interesting when you talked about how diamond shape can speak for your individual style. If you want the diamond ring to match your fiance’s style, you should probably let them pick the ring. You wouldn’t want to make the mistake of picking the wrong engagement ring for your fiance.

    Henry Killingsworth
  • I love that you put the process into 4 simple steps. I’ve been wanting to propose to my partner but there’s so much stress on buying the right ring. Having the process simplified into 4 steps will be super helpful for me, thank you!

    Jessie Holloway
  • I like how you said that having a price range in mind can help you narrow down your search for an engagement ring. My brother-in-law and his girlfriend want to pick out a ring together. I’ll suggest that they set a reasonable budget to make finding the right ring much easier.

    Charlotte Fleet
  • I found it interesting when you mentioned that it is important to calculate what you are comfortable spending when getting an engagement ring. I would think that spending some time at a jewelry store would be a good way to see what the price ranges are. Once you figure out what the price range is, you will be able to figure out what your budget is.

    Thomas Clarence

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