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  • How To Clean Your Fine Jewelry

    Want to learn how to clean your jewelry including vintage gems? Everyone wants their jewelry to look its best, but after time metals and diamonds start to look dull and lose their shine. Instead of choosing not to wear your favorite pieces, follow along to learn some easy ways to get your jewelry back to shining bright. Different types of jewelry require similar, but not exact cleaning, so we’ve made an easy guide for every type of jewelry you own.
  • Aquamarine is The Perfect Accent to Spring & Summer Wardrobes

    It’s the perfect time to buy a piece of aquamarine jewelry because it's the birthstone of March. Did you know aquamarine comes from the same family as emerald? Aquamarine is the perfect color for spring and summer and reminds us of a tropical island destination.
  • Your Guide to Giving the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

    Forget the stuffed animals and throw-away gifts for Valentine’s Day this year (ok, maybe not the roses). Choose a gift your significant other will...
  • How to Store and Repurpose Your Jewelry

    1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures Don’t store your jewelry in a cold closet or hot attic. Instead, store your jewelry at room temperature out of direct...
  • Art Deco Inspiration in Downtown L.A.

    Our jewelry at SN Queens is heavily influenced by historical architectural masterpiece buildings located in Downtown Los Angeles, from the 1930 Eastern Columbia building, to the 1927 Ace Theater. While there were no Great Gatsby-esque New Years Eve parties this year as we entered 2021, you can still imagine going out in the daring time period of the 1920’s with Art Deco jewelry from SN Queens Jewelers. 
  • Jewelry Trends We’re Looking Forward to in 2021

    It’s almost 2021 (what?!) and despite Fashion Week being virtual this year, new jewelry trends were still all over the runway. From chunky chains ...
  • Best Celebrity Engagement Rings of 2020

    Despite 2020 being a whirlwind, celebrities still got down on one knee and we’re here to share the best bridal bling of 2020. From Megan Markle choosing cushion, Hailey Bieber opting for oval, and Jennifer Lopez electing emerald, celebrities are paving the way for engagement ring trends. 
  • 9 Engagement Ring Trends You’ll See in 2021

    Whether you’re choosing your own ring or looking for proposal inspiration, we will help lead you in choosing the perfect on-trend ring. Just like wedding dresses, ring trends change and if you’re into being at the forefront, check out our list of the current and upcoming engagement ring trends for 2021. From oval diamonds to blue gemstones, size definitely isn’t everything.