What Does GIA Certified Mean?

It is important to know the quality and value of the diamonds you are purchasing. When shopping for jewelry, you might notice some diamonds say GIA certified--but what does that mean? Here is a simple guide to what it means when a diamond is GIA certified. 

Certified GIA Diamond Engagement Rings

What is GIA?

The Gemological Institute of America was founded in 1931 and ensures the highest standards are set in analyzing gemstones. One of the most respected certification labs is GIA. The GIA researches diamonds and diamond grading standards, leading the way in the study of diamonds. 


The GIA uses their own grading system to analyze and ensure the quality of diamonds. This analysis studies the cut, clarity, color and weight of the diamond. A report is made once the analysis is completed by a GIA certified gemologist. 

Certified vs. Non-Certified

Certified diamonds are accompanied by an identification number and certificate. Many certified diamonds are actually layered with the ID number. 

Non-certified diamonds’ quality is determined by the retailer. While GIA certified is the gold standard, we have over 30 years of analyzing diamonds and can find you a great quality diamond, GIA certified or not. 

We are diamond experts and would love to help you pick out the perfect diamond. Give us a call to set up an appointment in our Downtown L.A. showroom. 

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